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Company Presentation

A Brief History

The company ERGA PRASINOU S.A. has been active in the field of constructions since 2002 undertaking the construction of greenery works. In 1987 it started its activities with the form of Mr. Georgios Leivaditis’s partnership. In January 2002 pursuant to L.2219 of 2001, the Technical Société Anonymé : “ΕRGA PRASINOU S.A.”  is established, with the distinctive title: “ERGOPRASINO S.A.”. The company’s course in all these years has been upward. The company’s specialization in works of environmental restoration in combination with the experienced and excellently trained human capital, the necessary technical know-how and experience, the modern engineering, mechanical and electronic equipment along with the private nursery, have lead to the company’s being rated first at a pan-Hellenic level at present. The good relationship with the customers and the faultless construction and delivery of the work, always according to the rules of science and ecology, are the company’s basic principles. The executives of the company with excellent technical training and experience, work with special willingness, zeal and morals for the faultless execution of the work.

Sectors of activity

The company ERGA PRASINOU S.A.  is active in the construction, maintenance, operation and installation of greenery works and forest engineering works. As forest engineering works are considered the study and execution of surveying, leveling and all kinds of technical works, torrents’ arrangement, forest management and development, reforestations, nurseries, fencing, forest transport installations, forest road construction, improvements of mountain pastures, studies in landscape architecture. The studies depending on the main object are divided into the following categories:

  1. Forest Studies (Management of forests and mountain pastures, forest engineering arrangement of mountain torrents’ basins, reforestations, forest roads and forest transport installations, ageing of rocks).
  2. Studies in landscaping for the surrounding of an area and greenery works.

The company’s objective is

  • To understand the problem
  • To Suggest alternativES to the customers
  • to constRuct the work with modern technologies and According to basic aesthetic – environmental principles.
  • to check, maintain and Observe the operation of the work
  • to deliver τηε work faultless and in time