Erga Prasinou -
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  • Completion and improvement of vegetation of the suburban forest of Thessaloniki.

The project concerned the completion and improvement of vegetation in order to contribute to the protection of the greater Thessaloniki area from floods and other torrents, the aesthetic upgrade of the landscape, the recreational exploitation of the forest, the ecological upgrade of the area, etc.

  • Reforestation Study of Forestfarm Ktima Oropou.

The project concerned the reforestation of the area with the main purpose of supplementing the natural regeneration so as to achieve the goal of extensive soil cover and to contribute to the restoration and upgrading of the study area for the benefit of both the natural and human environment.

  • Reforestation of the terrain ‘KOULA’ in the area of Assiros Community of Lagada Municipality of Metropolitan Unity of Thessaloniki.

The present contract was related to reforestation works in order to contribute to the protection of the area from erosion, floods and other torrents, to the aesthetic upgrade of the landscape and to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area, to the recreational exploitation of the forest by residents and visitors. ecological upgrading of the area with the increase of biodiversity, in the protection of the area from encroachments and illegal exploitations.

  • Reforestation study in the forest location ″ Landfill ″ Mavrorachis Region of Lagada Municipality Peripheral Unit of Thessaloniki.

The project includes the following reforestation works in order of execution: preparation of soil with grooving, installation of a plantation with digging planting holes and planting of seedlings, care of a plantation with carving of seedlings and watering.

  • Reforestation of public forest area with a total area of 125.00 acres in the location “Harakomata” of the Metal Region of the Municipality of Kilkis of the Regional Unit of Kilkis.

The project includes in order the following reforestation works: soil preparation, digging of planting holes, planting, treatments, supply and installation of a water tank.